This blog is about our efforts to build a house on our 50-acre farm outside of Ithaca, NY.



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  1. lnakamur says:

    You guys are insane, in a good way. and when are you coming to visit us?! We are supposedly getting back into our kitchen this week!

  2. ctgriffi says:

    We’re thinking really hard about doing this on some land out in The Ozarks, Missouri. Thanks so much for making all of this available online; the photos are gorgeous and the information invaluable. The T-style kit seems to have a lot going for it, and I’d love to see a copy of the floor plan you ended up with, if you’d ever consider posting it (or emailing a copy). Terrific job from start to finish!

  3. Erin K says:

    Thank you so much for documenting, detailing and sharing your experience building your Firstday Cottage. My husband and I are looking into alternative, inexpensive building options and Firstday is at the top of our list, so your blog has been immensely helpful… I too would love to see more interior photos and/or a floorplan and hear about how you’re doing living in the “finished” project 😉 although I certainly understand that a house is never truly finished… The flow of your home looks just lovely! Congratulations on completing such an arduous and rewarding journey.

  4. metaspencer says:

    We’ve been meaning to post a walk-through video, but haven’t quite gotten around to it. We absolutely love the floorplan we ended up with, as we preserved some wide open spaces. In the end, we opted for fewer rooms and more openness, which we really like.

  5. Sabina Dallmeyer says:

    Hey, we are thinking about building a first day! I’m having trouble making contact with them. So exciting. Thank you for your review post. I hope we can start soon!

    • metaspencer says:

      From what I’ve heard, David (the owner-operator of FirstDay Cottages) has had some personally challenges — just regular life stuff, but it’s set him back a bit. So I’m guessing it’ll be easier to get in touch with them soon.

  6. Stephinie says:

    We’d love to see a sketch of the floorplan! We’re currently looking at first day for building our house in Washington County 🙂

  7. Karel Hilversum says:

    Hello, we are currently looking at building a FIrstday house in Danby just outside of Ithaca. Would love to connect and maybe come by your place and see the house, talk construction and get some hints. Your blog is very inspiring. Please contact me at khilversum@cornell.edu. Best, Karel

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