Walkthrough of Our FirstDay Cottage Kit House

This is a simple walkthrough of our house. The lion’s share of the work on this house was completed in the summer of 2013 — which you can (obviously) read about here on our blog.



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5 Responses to Walkthrough of Our FirstDay Cottage Kit House

  1. Marie Schaffner says:

    Spencer this film was wonderful! I’m really almost lost for words – but, I really felt as though I was having a little visit. Everything looks fantastic! I figure if you two could do this, you can do anything.

    Much love, Mom

  2. Andrew Hanna says:

    Looks great! We are building a Firstday soon, just got our subdivision approved. We are doing a single story T on a radiant slab. Any advice you have would be much appreciated. I have some questions about air tightness and condensation. Anyway, seeing your final product is inspiring!

    Thanks for sharing,


    • metaspencer says:

      Hey, that T-house sounds exciting! See our review of the First-Day kit for most of our thoughts. I think you’ll have a great house in the end!

  3. metaspencer says:

    Our review is here: https://ithacafarm.wordpress.com/2014/11/04/review-of-firstday-cottage-house-kits … I’d strongly suggest batten boards and a final roof width on both parts of your T that is divisible by 36″ … that will make a clean roof in the end

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