Getting Lived In

Living in a house that you built yourself, as we were told before we built it, is an experience all its own. Things that might seem utterly fixed, like windows and doors, seem entirely moveable to us. Since we put them in one place, why not move them to another? Doing something simple like putting up a shelf triggers knowledge and memories of every layer of wood, insulation, wire, and pipe in that immediate area of the structure. We may have built it, but it feels a bit like we birthed it.

And then the whole structure speaks to us with memories of that summer: the pounding sounds of nails, the wetness from the time(s) the rain poured in, and how quiet and dark it was on all those nights we spent in the tents. At one moment, the house can look to us like a fully constructed dwelling and like the pile of raw materials that rolled down our driveway early that summer.

Here are a few pics celebrating the house as it gets a bit more lived in. The heater we’ve huddled around and slept beside many times now, and the kitchen we’ve eaten so many delicious meals in. There’s been laughter and music in every room of our house, and dogs, and dirty wet children.

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1 Response to Getting Lived In

  1. Marie Schaffner says:

    I just looked at all the photos – fantastic! It’s all so wonderful!

    Thank you.

    Love, Mom

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