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Reading Up on Self Sufficiency

Recent reading on self-sufficient farming has brought me in a wide variety of directions. First back to Emerson, then off on a tangent looking into preppers, then back around to several nice books on the topic. I picked up Dick … Continue reading

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Tiny Little Post Its

Looking back on initial planning  means returning to the board (not the Borg, but the board) . . . our cork board was/remains our war board. Perhaps a bad choice of metaphor, but whatever. It has already gone through many … Continue reading

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Planning Our Farm Table

One thing we clearly need on the farm is a nice big farm table. Something to ground the main kitchen-space of the house. I figure it’ll sit right there at the bottom of the stairs.    Something like one of … Continue reading

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View From Above

What luck, the Google Earth bots flew over just after we poured our foundation. We found out about the pic a few months later, but it’s still worth posting here as the image shows just what was going on. 

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